Thursday, 11 June 2015

Are We There Yet?

Proverbs 30:3 I have not mastered human wisdom, nor do I know the Holy One.

       Many of the Saints that have walked with the Lord for a long time in their lives have come up against a wisdom-wall per se. According to the word of God we know God is talking to us, but often we are not sure we are hearing Him. We hit this wall face first and stumble backward realizing we have not reached any significant holiness on our own. It is all grace and all God all the time. 1 Tim.1:14 And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. 
      We move along absorbing and learning the word of the Lord for our lives. We do this in all sincerity, but every once in a while we stop and recognize the fact that we do not know anything and we feel we lack significant wisdom and knowledge of the most High God. We know the Lord is real in our lives but a dissatisfaction begins to mount in earnest within our hearts and we look to God for His presence within us to bring back the peace we long for in Him. 
      God is forever expanding our knowledge and love of Himself within us and just when we think we have Him in a controlled setting of our understanding, He brings it up a righteous-notch to utterly amaze our hearts and minds with new and burning awareness of His magnificence. Heb. 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.
      I was praying and reading the word of God recently and the realization hit me that I had no idea of the greatness of my God. I was dumbfounded by the wonder and goodness that my God extends toward me every minute of the day. I began to proclaim the words, "Oh, that I might know Him." when I realized the apostle Paul who wrote most of the new testament by the anointing of the Holy Spirit had said the same thing but with holy profoundness. Phil. 3:10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death
      Paul, who had such spiritual knowledge and faith in Christ, was longing to know the Lord even better and closer then he did. Paul never trusted his ability in God, but only the working of Christ within his heart was he coveting. The truth of the matter is that we will forever be learning and growing in the righteousness of our Lord here on this side of eternity, and the other side as well. 1 Cor. 13:12 Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. 
      Our amazement in knowing God anew continually will never ever end. How great and wonderful is that? After billions of years of living and ministering to and with our Lord, we will still be overwhelmed by His beauty and love for us. I know this idea is so beyond our insipid understanding of God and His infinite being, but we have to open our hearts for His greatness and grandeur so that we, like the apostle Paul, will desire and covet the working of the risen Lord in our hearts. Isa. 40:18 To whom can you compare God? What image can you find to resemble him?
      Prov. 30:3 I have not mastered human wisdom, nor do I know the Holy One. How true this proverb speaks of us all who daily walk under the blessed shadow of the Almighty's love. It is with dedication that we press toward the high calling of God by the renewing of our minds and hearts through God's word so that we might know Him more and more to the fulfillment of our very beings. Phil. 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 

      It all comes down to our faith in the Lord and His finished work. Our faith in His work of redemption is active and at work within our beings, because He is in us and we are in Him at all times; regardless if we feel it or not. Acts 17:28a For in him we live, and move, and have our being. 
      In all our growing and walking with Christ, we must always remember that It is all God and His gift of salvation that brings us life and life eternal. Never make the mistake of believing that somehow we have earned anything of our salvation. It is Christ and Christ alone that has assured us of this incredible gift of eternal life. What a God we serve. What a good God we serve.
      It is true that within ourselves we are not there yet. We have not mastered all human wisdom, nor all the knowledge of God Himself. However, as we humbly walk before our God, He will guide and teach us in everything we need for this life to bring us joy here and prepare us for our eternity so that one day we can assuredly say, "We know the Holy One intimately." 
      When we come up against any wall that is hindering our progress in Christ, may we have the faith and power to break through or go over it to victory. With God, we can do all things. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.